Microsoft Working with AMD on Cloud-Based Gaming

Microsoft is believed to be working on two different next-generation consoles, and one of them could rely on cloud power to offer similar performance at lower prices.

According to a new report, AMD could be the company that Microsoft picked to be in charge of the hardware project for this new console, though for the time being, specifics are still sketchy.

Microsoft’s future console lineup is expected to include two different models, a high-end console that would rely on the same approach as the current Xbox One and a second version that would mix local hardware power with a cloud-based engine.

The latter configuration would technically require hardware only for certain tasks that don’t require so much processing power, whereas Microsoft’s cloud system would be in charge of all the heavy rendering.

AMD hardware

By mixing the two, Microsoft would essentially be able to offer a seamless gaming experience at a lower price, as the overall cost.

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