Microsoft’s Keyboard App for Android Can Now Translate Text in Real-Time

Microsoft has prepared another handy update for the Android version of SwiftKey, enabling real-time translation from one language to another as users type text.

What’s important to know is that this feature is available as part of the most recent build, and there’s no ETA right now as to when it is supposed to be released to users.

With version, SwiftKey for Android beta comes with Microsoft Translator integration, and it can be accessed from the toolbar for easy translations.

Translating text is a breeze and is performed instantly after you open the Translator interface from the toolbar. You only need to select the target language and the process is performed as you type. The app comes with support for all languages that currently exist in Microsoft Translator.

Other improvements in this build

This new version of SwiftKey also introduces extra goodies, including support for Dungan language, as well as some more top row symbol layouts.
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