Report Finds Government and Military Employees Use Weak Passwords

WatchGuard Technologies' Internet Security Report for Q2 2018 states that more than 50% of military and government employees use weak passwords after analyzing the data leaked from LinkedIn in 2012.

According to their research, after analyzing passwords associated with 355,023 government (.gov) and military (.mil) accounts from a 117 million encoded database of passwords stolen from LinkedIn, over 50% of them were crackable in less than two days.

Furthermore, even though all government security training programs ask employees to use complex passwords to avoid providing hackers with an easy to exploit attack vector, the most common passwords throughout the analyzed database were "123456," "password," "linkedin," "sunshine," and "111111."

Granted, the dataset analyzed by the Threat Lab team comes from six-year-old leak published online two years ago, but knowing what other research teams have found out about the passwords exposed in multiple other leaks in the past ... (read more)

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