Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Supposedly Caught Fire in a Woman's Purse

A lawsuit in New York revealed that a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might have caught fire inside a woman’s purse, making this the first case for the generation of devices.

The Samsung Note name will be remembered for a long time for a simple reason. The Note 7 series used to catch fire, resulting in numerous lawsuits and various accidents. It got so bad that Samsung had to pull the plug on the entire generation of devices, moving on to the next project.

It took a while for people to begin to trust Samsung again, after the Note 7 debacle, and things seemed to be back on track. Now, a new Note 9 might have caught fire in New York, bringing back all of the problems for the company.

Still alleged

A lawsuit filed in New York reveals that a real estate agent named Diane Chung was using her new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on September 3 when she noticed that it was getting really hot. She stopped using it, and placed it in her purse.

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