Samsung Will Let Users Disable the Galaxy Note 9 Bixby Button (Eventually)

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for part of the buyers is the lack of an option that makes it possible to disable the dedicated Bixby button on the side.

While for those who use Bixby this is quite a neat feature because it helps launch the digital assistant faster, for others it’s one frustrating method to accidentally invoke it, especially because it’s extremely easy to press the button.

Samsung isn’t offering any option to disable the Bixby button, but if a tweet posted by Samsung Germany is anything to be believed, there’s a chance that the company may soon reconsider this approach.

“We are working on it. Deactivation of the Bixby button on lock screen should return until end of September,” an uncanny tweet reads.

Bixby on the lock screen

I’m saying uncanny because the information that it provides raises a few questions regarding the way the Bixb... (read more)

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