Slack Uses Autonomous Robots to Keep Their Office Safe

Slack announced during their annual Slack Frontiers conference that they had built two security robots in collaboration with Cobalt Robotics to watch over the company's office after humans end their workday according to a Nextgov report.

According to the specs on Cobalt Robotics' website, their telepresence robots come with a slew of inbuilt sensors from thermal cameras, badge readers, environmental sensors and sirens, to LIDAR, long-range RFID and ultrasonic sensors.

They also have built-in 2-way audio/video communication, and a front-facing touch screen Cobalt specialists can use as a virtual presence device.

Cobalt Robotics markets their autonomous security robot business as "Cobalt as a Service," a reunion of hardware, software, and Cobalt Robotics human reso... (read more)

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