Spotify Raises Offline Download Limit to 10,000

Spotify has quietly raised the number of songs you can download to listen to offline. While most Spotify users spend their time streaming music, it’s also possible to download songs to listen to offline. And this makes that option a lot more attractive.

You Can Now Download More Spotify

You could previously download a maximum of 3,333 songs per device on up to three devices for a total of 9,999 songs. Now, you can download a maximum of 10,000 songs per device on up to five devices for a total of 50,000 songs.

Rolling Stone seems to have been the first publication to notice the change, which happened with the most recent Spotify update. And it means that users who had already hit the 3,333 songs/device limit can now start downloading music again.
Spotify said: “At Spotify, we’re always working on improving the experience for our users. We can now confirm that we have increased the number of offline tracks per device — from 3,333 on three devices to 10,000 tracks per device for up to five devices.”
Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of Spotify lifting the limit of the number of songs you can have in your library at any one time. That still stands at 10,000, much to people’s annoyance. Luckily, our look at common Spotify problems offers a solution.

Other Streaming Services Are Available

This is a nice gesture from Spotify, as this was one of those arbitrary limits that seemed to exist for no reason. It may also be Spotify acknowledging that its users want to download more music to listen to offline rather than burn through their data.
Spotify is a fantastic music streaming service, so if you already use it check out our unofficial guide to Spotify. However, there are other such services available, so why not read our comparison of Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited?
Image Credit: Andrew Mager/Flickr

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