Veeam Leaked Over 445 Million Records via Exposed Database

On September 5th, Independent security researcher Bob Diachenko found a public customer record database owned by Veeam, data recovery and backup company who forgot to secure its data.

Veeam, which markets itself as "global leader in Intelligent Data Management," seems to have misplaced its login credentials for the massive 200 GB database of customer records as it could have been accessed by anyone who knew where to look.

After its findings, Diachenko notified the company but failed to get in touch with Veeam, although after subsequent attempts of contacting them, the company did manage to secure the database on September 9h.

According to Diachenko, Shodan's search engine for Internet-connected devices indexed the database' Amazon-hosted IP on August 31st, which means that said database was open to access at least for nine days.

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