WhatsApp Is Getting a Dark Mode

A dark mode for WhatsApp is being developed, and it might make its way soon onto our devices, giving users some piece of mind.

A dark mode would seem like an obvious feature to have, in any operating system or application, but not all developers are quick to integrate something like that. If we look at Google, we’ll see that people have been asking for a dark mode for ages, and only now it arrived with Android 9 Pie.

And then we have WhatsApp, which is arguably the most used messaging application on the planet. It’s owned by Facebook, in case you forgot. A dark mode seems to something that should have been implemented already, but that’s not the case.

Could take a while

There are multiple reasons why WhatsApp should have a dark mode. It helps protect the eyes of users in dark environments, and it protects the display, especially the OLED ones which are more prone to problems due to the increased contrast.

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