Why Microsoft’s Attempt to Stop Chrome, Firefox Installation Can’t Do Any Good

Microsoft trying to convince users to stick with Edge browser isn’t entirely a new thing, as the company has been struggling to increase its browser userbase ever since it rolled out Windows 10.

Sometimes, however, the Redmond-based software giant turns to tactics that can easily be considered way too aggressive against its very own users.

In the past, Windows 10 displayed popups right on the desktop to highlight Edge capabilities, while in some rare cases, the default browser was reset when the operating system was updated.

Microsoft’s efforts to force users to try out and eventually run Edge as their daily drivers have pretty much failed, according to third-party data.

NetMarketShare, which is one of the leading market share data providers on the desktop, shows that Microsoft Edge is being used on a little over 4 percent of PCs, while Google Chrome, which right now is the number one choice in the browser world, has a share of more than 60 percent.

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