Xiaomi Makes Fun of iPhone XS Prices with Special XS Bundles

The pricing of the 2018 iPhones is already an overly-discussed topic, and pretty much everyone agrees that these new models are way too expensive.

And while demand for the new iPhones may be impacted at some level, Apple rivals found the prices to be just the perfect opportunity to actually promote their own products.

Xiaomi, for instance, has launched special product bundles in China that use the names of the new iPhones and are available for the same prices. The difference, however, is that for this price, you get more than just a phone.

For example, the XS Max bundle, which is available for the price of an iPhone XS Max, comes with a phone, a laptop, a fitness tracker, and Bluetooth earphones.

Xiaomi has included only latest-generation devices in this campaign, like the Mi Mix 2S, the Mi 8, or the Mi 8 SE, and the Mi Band 3.

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