YouTube Launches Fundraising Tools for Charity

YouTube has launched YouTube Giving, a suite of tools designed to help YouTubers and viewers raise money for charity. All but one of the YouTube Giving tools are being launched in beta, so these features are likely to evolve over time based on results.

Plenty of YouTubers already align themselves to charities, normally for causes close to their hearts. They’re then able to leverage their audiences to raise money for those charities. YouTube Giving is YouTube giving YouTubers support to accomplish that.

The Four Elements of YouTube Giving

As explained on the YouTube Creator Blog, there are four elements to YouTube Giving:

Fundraisers are exactly what you’d expect. They allow YouTubers and U.S.-registered nonprofits to create fundraising campaigns alongside their videos. Viewers can donate via a “Donate” button, with YouTube managing the logistics and payment processing.

Community Fundraisers are the same thing, expect multiple YouTubers can host the same fundraiser. This basically pools YouTubers’ resources, allowing them to team up to collectively raise funds for good causes. Again, YouTube manages the back-end stuff.

Campaign Matching is tied to Fundraisers and Community Fundraisers. As the name suggests, it allows the creators of those to receive matching pledges. These will be displayed within the fundraiser in order to inspire others to donate money.

Super Chat for Good is the same Super Chat you may already be familiar with, but with money made from purchases going directly to a nonprofit of the YouTuber’s choosing. As with normal Super Chats, these will be available on live streams and Premiere videos.

YouTube Giving Is a Work in Progress

YouTube Giving is currently a work in progress, and therefore only available to a small percentage of YouTubers. However, YouTube states it will “listen to your feedback on these beta features and continue to expand access to more creators.”

YouTube isn’t the only way to give money or resources to charity. You can use these apps and websites to give money to charity, and there are some amazing Christmas charities to donate to. You can even mine cryptocurrency for charity these days!

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