Abandoned Web Apps Found as a Core Cause Behind High Profile Data Breaches

Insecure, legacy, and abandoned web apps are among the critical security issues that lead to data breaches of FT 500 US and EU companies as found out by High-Tech Bridge, a provider of Application Security Testing (AST) services.

High-Tech Bridge's study analyzed the 1,000 largest global companies from the US and the EU to collect data for their research, via a "large-scale discovery and non-intrusive assessment of their external web and mobile applications, SSL certificates, web software and unprotected cloud storage."

The research is based on information collected from systems accessible via HTTP/S protocols and not from network components that could be discovered with the help of IoT search engines such as Shodan.

As uncovered by High-Tech Bridge, the 500 most important US companies have 293,512 systems accessible via an Internet connection, out of which 42,549 Internet-facing systems h... (read more)

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