After Windows 10, Microsoft Makes Office 2019 More Expensive As Well

Microsoft has recently made Windows 10 more expensive for consumers in the United States, and now the company does the same thing for the Office 2019 productivity suite as well.

While the price of the Home & Student version of Office 2019 has remained unchanged at $149.99, consumers need to pay 9 percent more for the Home & Business version as compared to how much they spent on Office 2016.

This particular version now costs $249.99, up from $229.99, according to a report from CW.

The most expensive version continues to be Office 2019 Professional, and this is also the release that suffered the biggest price increase of 10 percent. Consumers now have to pay $439.99 for Office 2019 Pro, up from $399.99 for Office ... (read more)

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