Apple Didn’t Actually Want to Make iMessage an Exclusive iPhone Feature

iMessage is without a doubt one of the reasons that many people stick with iPhones, and while in Europe WhatsApp is the preferred instant messaging platform, there are regions, like the United States, where Apple’s service is insanely popular.

This makes iMessage one of the main reasons not to move to Android for many customers, as a potential switch would technically set a communications barrier that’s considered to be too much of a setback to be worth the effort.

However, iMessage not coming to Android isn’t necessarily something that Apple planned from the very beginning. In an analysis of how important iMessage is for iPhone customers, Joanna Stern of the WSJ reveals that the Cupertino-based company initially got in touch with carriers in an attempt to bring at least some of its features to the standard text messaging service.

“We approached ... (read more)

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