Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Available to All Despite Limited to the US

The electrocardiogram feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 is without a doubt the top improvement that comes with this new-generation model, but given its purpose, clearance from health authorities in every state is required before it’s enabled.

For now, only the FDA offered the go-ahead for the ECG feature to be enabled on the new Apple Watch, so only American buyers are supposed to be able to run it.

But as recently discovered by 9to5mac, this isn’t necessarily the case, as Apple has turned to a software restriction in order to block access to ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4.

Basically, ECG is a region-dependent feature, which means that it’s automatically enabled when users configure the United States as the region of their device. In other words, if you live in any other country and choose the correct region when setting up the Apple Watch, you’re not getting ECG.

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