Best Commands to Manage Windows Time Like an IT Pro

Setting the time and date of a Windows computer isn’t rocket science, mostly because Microsoft has made it pretty easy to just open the Control Panel or Settings app (in Windows 10) and configure the few options in this regard.

But at the same time, syncing the Windows time with a time server, adjusting the time and date, and creating scripts that would automatically sync the time every time the computer boots isn’t the kind of thing that everyone can do.

And fortunately, it’s something that is actually possible in Windows, and it all comes down to a bunch of commands that pretty much anyone can remember and use just like an IT professional.

First and foremost, let’s open an elevated Command Prompt windows – this is Command Prompt with administrator privileges. In Windows 10, type cmd.exe in the Start menu, right-click the result and click the option that reads Run as administrator.

Before anything, if you want to adjust the time from Command Pr... (read more)

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