DOD Is Looking for Private Vendors to Create a Cloud Computing Platform

A Department of Defense-wide cloud computing initiative was made public today by the General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service in the form of a request for information.

The new cloud computing platform is supposed to help around 3.2 million DOD employees who use tactical radios, computers, and a host of various other Internet-enabled devices which are now seen as "stovepiped enterprises," said Dana Deasy, DOD’s chief information officer.

Stovepipe services use separate data centers and networks which make them highly inefficient when compared to modern day cloud-based tech solutions.

"With cloud computing, those networks and data centers would be consolidated and remote servers would store, manage and process all of the data across the DOD in a much more efficient manner," according to the DOD article.

As detailed by Essye B. Miller, principal deputy, DOD chief information officer, the new cloud computing platform the DOD is seeking to build n... (read more)

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