Google Helps You Delete Your Search History

Google is making it easier than ever for you to delete your Search history. Previously, deleting your Google Search history meant actively visiting your Google account. Now, however, you can delete your history right from the Google homepage.

How to Delete Your Google Search History

The process, and the thinking behind it, is explained in a post on The Keyword. Google explains that it’s “making it easier for you to make decisions about your data directly within the Google products you use every day, starting with Search.”

If you visit the Google homepage while signed into Google you should see an invitation to “Control your data in Google Search”. Clicking on it will take you to a page packed full of information and options regarding the data you’re sharing with Google.

If you scroll down you’ll see “Your Search activity” with “Your recent activity” right underneath. You can then click on “All search activity”, which will list your searches, and “Google activity”, which will detail the Android apps and Google services you’ve accessed.

Further down you can opt to “Delete your Search activity” and choose between “Delete last hour” and “Delete all Search activity”. Further down again you can see your “Google-wide controls” and choose to enable or disable them based on your personal preferences.

Google obviously doesn’t want everybody to immediately delete all of their activity and disable the various ways Google tracks what you do online. So, in amongst these options are explanations of “How activity data makes Search work” and other information.

What Search Traces Are You Leaving Behind?

Google introduced the ability for you to control your data months ago, but it’s now front and center on the Google homepage. Which makes it much easier to access, and means more people are likely to educate themselves as to what traces they’re leaving behind.

Now that you know how to delete your Google Search history you can set about populating it again with new URLs. Why not start with a brief history of internet searches, and then follow it up with the cheery tale of how your browsing history may be up for sale.

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