High Schoolers Forced to Build Apple Watches as Condition of Graduation

Unfair labor practices are something that Apple has tried to address for many years already, especially as its Asian suppliers tend to turn to more or less questionable approaches in order to comply with the company’s production requirements.

Most recently, Quanta Computer, which manufactures the Apple Watch in China, has been accused of using high-school students to increase the production capacity at its factory in Chongqing.

A report from the Financial Times reveals that Apple’s Taiwanese supplier is currently facing claims of illegally employing students to build the Apple Watch, with some claiming they have been forced to work on production lines as a condition of graduation.

Sacom, a human rights group based in Hong Kong, is cited as saying that a total of 28 students were sent to the factory as part of what was being described as an internship. All of them, however, had the same r... (read more)

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