How to Delete Your Google Search History

As the world’s leading search engine, Google provides users with several tools to manage their data, as the company stores a certain amount of logs necessary to improve its services and provide more relevant search results.

For instance, no matter what you search for on Google, the search engine automatically creates a log with your query when you are authenticated with a Google account.

While this could be concerning in terms of privacy for some users, it’s actually a feature that’s supposed to provide you with faster results when searching for the same keyword.

Even if you delete your browser cache, this data won’t go away, as it’s located on Google’s servers and associated with your account. The Mountain View-based company says you are the only one who sees the logs, so your past queries won’t be accessed by Google or a third party.

And because privacy woes have increased lately, the search company has included a new method to let you remove the search history... (read more)

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