How to Disable Automatic Reboots after Windows 10 BSODs

Unfortunately for Windows 10 users, BSODs have once again become a common thing these days, and it’s mostly because of the updates that Microsoft ships to PCs running the operating system.

No matter if we’re talking about monthly updates or OS feature updates like version 1809, these releases occasionally wreak havoc on users’ devices, leading to Blue Screen of Death errors that aren’t only frustrating, but also potentially leading to data loss and app issues.

When it comes to such a fatal error, the first thing you need to do when trying to repair the issue and prevent it from re-appearing is to actually read the message that Windows provides and then look into the problem for a potential fix.

However, as Windows is configured by default, the operating system collects the crash data and then reboots the computer automatically, basically trying to keep your work uninterrupted despite the system failure.

Fortunately, disabling the automatic reboots following a BSO... (read more)

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