How to Fix BSODs in Windows 10 Using Microsoft’s Tools

As I said several times lately, Windows 10 users have once again gotten used to BSODs due to the quality of OS updates.

Regardless of whether they’re caused by OS feature updates or cumulative updates, these system failures remind of the old days when PCs crashed occasionally because of bad drivers, low OS reliability, or incompatible apps.

And truth be told, these are pretty much the reasons causing BSODs these days too, only that right now many of them could be prevented with more thorough testing performed by Microsoft before the actual release of updates.

Take Windows 10 version 1809, for instance. After being tested as part of the Windows Insider program for several months, the OS feature update was published for production devices only to be pulled a few days later due to a major data removal bug. Version 1809 also caused BSODs and other issues affecting system reliability.

As a result, it’s very important to know how to troubleshoot BSODs, and the first th... (read more)

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