Huawei Makes Fun on Apple and Samsung for Slowing Down Phones Intentionally

Smartphone manufacturers tend to mock each other on a regular basis, and Huawei has pretty much found the best occasion to do this once again.

Rivals Apple and Samsung have recently been fined for slowing down their phones on purpose to encourage users to upgrade to newer models, so Huawei took to Twitter in an attempt to capitalize on the news.

“We would never slow our phones down to force an upgrade. We're proud our new #HuaweiMate20Pro is #BornFastStaysFast - just like every other phone in our range. #NeverSlowDown,” the company tweeted.

While Huawei tried to make the #BornFastStaysFast and #NeverSlowDown hashtags go viral, neither has gained enough popularity, and most of the posts on Twitter using these keywords actually belong to the compan... (read more)

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