I Installed Windows XP in 2018 And Here’s What I Found

Windows XP is a relic, there’s no doubt about it, and after reaching the end of support back in April 2014, everyone is recommended to give up on it and switch to a Windows version that still receives updates and security patches.

However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is getting ready to abandon Windows XP, and market share data is living proof in this regard.

Data provided by NetMarketShare for the month of September indicates that Windows XP was running on 3.19 percent of the world’s desktop computer, which is quite impressive for an operating system whose demise was announced more than four years ago.

And since I’ve always wondered how come so many people stick with Windows XP after its retirement date, I got the chance to find this out on my own the past weekend when I actually installed the 17-year-old operating system on an old laptop.

Before blasting me for encouraging users to install unsupported operating systems that could expose their data, let me e... (read more)

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