iPhone Users Can Now Try Out Microsoft Outlook Updates Before Launch

Microsoft has recently announced that Outlook is joining the Office Insider program on iOS, technically allowing iPhone and iPad users to try out early updates for the app before the public launch.

The Insider effort has been pioneered back in October 2014 by the Windows Insider program which invited PC and mobile users across the world to install preview builds of Windows 10.

The program proved to be extremely successful, with millions of users across the world joining it and helping Microsoft develop and improve Windows 10, so the software giant expanded it to other products in its portfolio as well.

Including Office, that is, and now the productivity suite allows iOS users to try out future improvements ahead of everyone else too.

Hello, Outlook for iOS!

With today’s announcement, Microsoft makes Outlook updates part of the Office Insider program on iOS too, so iPhone users can enroll in the program to get access to these builds as well. Ther... (read more)

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