iPhone XR Now Available Worldwide Without Apple’s Clear Case

iPhone XR is now available for customers worldwide as the first units are shipping to those who pre-ordered it last Friday, and Apple stores also have the device in stock for walk-in buyers.

While it’s too early to determine whether the device is selling well or not, more important to note is that Apple’s clear case for the iPhone XR is nowhere to be seen, despite the company announcing its availability for specific markets.

Together with the iPhone XR, Apple also announced a clear case that would help protect the device, and this approach makes perfect sense given the wide variety of colors launched for this new model.

Apple expects most customers to go for a clear case in order to benefit from enhanced protection against hits and scratches, but without losing the colorful look of the iPhone XR. As a result, the Cupertino-based tech giant announced such a case for the Australian market, and it was believed that other countries could get it too.

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