It May Be Impossible to See the Bezels on the Samsung Galaxy S10

Phone makers have been struggling for several generations to increase the available screen estate and reduce the bezels, and as new models come out, we’re getting closer to the point where new devices launch with a nearly all-screen design.

Samsung is getting ready to make a major step towards this milestone with the release of the Galaxy S10 next year, as a new report indicates that the company wants its anniversary model to set a new record in this regard.

The top-of-the-range S10 could boast a screen-to-body ratio of no less than 93.4%, which is more than the majority of phones on the market right now. The leader is the Oppo Find X which has a ratio of 93.8 percent. Apple’s iPhone XS Max, for instance, has a screen-to-body ra... (read more)

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