Linux Kernel 4.19 Released with Initial Wi-Fi 6 Support, New EROFS File System

Renowned kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced the release and general availability for download of the Linux 4.19 kernel, a major update that adds new features and performance improvements.

After almost two months of development and no less than eight RCs (Release Candidates), the Linux 4.19 kernel series is now available as the most advanced kernel on the market for Linux-based operating systems. It was released by Greg Kroah-Hartman as Linus Torvalds two a few weeks off from doing any kernel maintenance.

"It's been a long strange journey for this kernel release... While it was not the largest kernel release every by number of commits, it was larger than the last 3 releases, which is a non-trivial thing to do," said Greg Kroah-Hartman. "Linus, I'm handing the kernel tree back to you. You can have the joy of dealing with the merge window."

Here's what's new in Linux kernel 4.19

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