Microsoft Announces Windows 10 App Submission Deadlines for the Holidays

Microsoft has announced this year’s app submission deadlines for the Microsoft Store, emphasizing that developers must upload their new titles and updates before these dates.

Technically, Microsoft experiences a traffic increase on the Microsoft Store during the holidays, mostly thanks to new device activations, but also because more users have the time to explore the offering for their PCs.

At the same time, granting access to the Microsoft Store for new apps and games takes place at a slower pace during the holidays because of the time off for a number of employees, so each year, the software giant rolls out submission deadlines to make sure all devs send their titles and get them approved before the holidays.

2018 deadlines

In today’s announcement, Microsoft says that the deadline for Thanksgiving is November 13, while for Christmas, it’s December 13. Submit your apps to the Microsoft store before December 14 to have your app show up on the Mi... (read more)

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