Microsoft Creates an ATM That Works Without Credit Cards

Microsoft and the National Australia Bank (NAB) have teamed up to create an ATM that works without credit cards without compromising customer security in any way.

In fact, using the two’s new approach, security is actually greatly enhanced, as the automatic teller machine relies on Microsoft’s Windows Hello to verify customers’ identity.

Facial recognition systems have been around for a long time and by bringing it to ATMs, Microsoft and NAB believe managing banking products and services would be substantially easier and more secure.

Just a concept for now

The system relies on Azure Cognitive Services and just scans a customer’s face when they attempt to withdraw cash from the ATM. A PIN may also be required, but a credit card is no longer needed.

“It just reinforced to me the need for banks to be simpler and faster for our customers; we want to deliver great connected customer experiences. Cloud technology allows us to take advantage of feature.

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