Microsoft Details Skype for Windows 10’s System Tray Icon Behavior

Believe it or not, but rolling out a system tray icon for an app is quite a challenge even for a software giant like Microsoft, and when it comes to Skype, the company sees no reason to hurry up making this happen.

Originally announced in September, the system tray icon for Skype on Windows 10 “is not out of the door quite yet,” according to Microsoft itself, but it’ll become available to users rather sooner than later.

The company has also shared some details about the behavior of this new icon, revealing that it’ll be displayed whenever Skype is running and provide instant access to sign-in and sign-out options.

Tray icon behavior

Furthermore, the same icon would display a badge for any unread messages, letting you know whenever someone sends you a message in a new conversation, while also providing shortcuts for going to... (read more)

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