Microsoft Make Windows 10 Timeline Available in a Browser

Windows Timeline is one of the key features right now in Windows 10, or at least that’s what Microsoft wants us to believe given there are lots of users not running it these days, but the company is very keen on improving it in the coming OS feature updates anyway.

One way to make Timeline more helpful is to actually bring it to the browser, which means that the feature would technically display all your history right on the web.

The most recent Windows 10 preview build comes with a dedicated button in Timeline that allows users to see their past activities within a browser. However, the website that’s supposed to provide access to this data does not work right now, which is most likely a sign that this functionality is still an experiment and Microsoft needs more time before making it available to users.

Coming to insiders soon

Most likely, Windows Timeline in the browser would be released to insiders in the coming preview builds, while all users

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