Most People Buy New Phones Every Three Years, Research Reveals

While phone makers roll out new device generations every year, it’s also no secret that flagships generally become more expensive with every release.

Living proof is none other than iPhone XS Max, which in the United States could reach $1,449 for the top-of-the-range configuration.

The always-increasing price of high-end phones have made most Americans think twice before buying a new model, and recently-conducted research indicates that the majority of potential customers hold onto their purchase for a long period of time this year.

HYLA Mobile, which is specialized in mobile device trade-ins, revealed in data provided to the WSJ that Americans wait on average 2.83 years before purchasing a new phone, up from 2.39 years back in 2016.

In the case of Apple customers, there’s an even bigger difference versus the 2016 statistics, and it’s believed the ... (read more)

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