New Apple Pencil Doesn’t Support Older iPads

Apple has recently unveiled the second-generation Apple Pencil with quite an impressive upgrade lineup, but in pure Apple fashion, these features won’t work on previous iPads.

Basically, the highlights on the new Apple Pencil are the inductive charging and the gestures, but neither will be offered to owners of older iPad models.

While the inductive charging is obviously a hardware-related upgrade, not the same thing can be said about gesture support, which only requires the necessary software to run on the iPad. However, Apple has decided to keep this feature exclusive to the new-generation tablet, which comes with all the bells and whistles in terms of both hardware and software.

In other words, if you want gestures like tap to wake and double tap to switch tools, as well as features like the magnetic storage, wireless charging, and automatic pairing, the only way to go is to purchase a new-generation iPad.

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