New APT GreyEnergy Found to Target EU Critical Systems, Linked to BlackEnergy

A new threat group named GreyEnergy by the security researchers at ESET has been unmasked as the most probable successor of BlackEnergy, an APT group which was behind the first ever witnessed blackout in 2015 caused by a cyber attack in Ukraine.

According to ESET's analysis of the new cyber-espionage group's behavior and toolkit, they have been targeting a multitude of targets across Europe, focusing on industrial control systems known to be part of critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, GreyEnergy "mirrors and improves upon already-sophisticated techniques used in the Ukraine power grid outages and has the potential to spread worldwide."

ESET first managed to find traces of GreyEnergy's malware toolkit used during attacks on a Polish energy company in 2015 while BlackEnergy was still active and right before it caused the Ukrainian cyber attack-based blackout... (read more)

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