Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability Patched in Squid Proxy Cache Server

Squid's development team has released a security update on October 27 patching a Denial of Service (DoS) SNMP processing issue and a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issue in TLS error processing.

The Squid fully-featured HTTP/1.0  proxy provides authorization and logging features for web proxies and Internet-facing applications, and it can be installed and used on a multitude of platforms from Linux-based machines to Windows computers, as well as macOS-powered workstations using the Fink package manager.

"Many of you are using Squid without even knowing it! Some companies have embedded Squid in their home or office firewall devices, others use Squid in large-scale web proxy installations to speed up broadband and dialup internet access," says Squid's About page. "Squid is being increasingly used in content delivery architectures to de... (read more)

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