Samsung Could Kill Off the Headphone Jack on the Galaxy S10

Apple ditched the headphone jack when it launched the iPhone 7, and while Samsung originally appeared to resist this new trend, it looks like the South Korean may embrace the idea as well.

This is one of the options currently being explored within the company, according to a report from Bloomberg, as one of the Galaxy S10 prototypes that was created by Samsung doesn’t come with a headphone jack.

A final decision on this hasn’t been made just yet, and Samsung is expected to choose whether to offer a 3.5mm audio connector by the end of the year, just ahead of the beginning of Galaxy S10 mass production.

At the same time, the cited source says the entry-level configuration would come with a 5.8-inch non-curved display and lack a fingerprint sensor embedded into the screen. This is part of Samsung’s cost-saving push for this particular model,... (read more)

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