Samsung Galaxy “S10 X 5G” Could Feature Three Times More RAM than iPhone XS Max

Apple had set a new personal record this year when it upgraded the iPhone to 4GB RAM, but as it usually happens, Android device manufacturers are always one step ahead with insane amounts of memory on their models.

And after Xiaomi launched the world’s first smartphone with 10GB RAM, it looks like Samsung is getting ready to break the record with the upcoming Galaxy S10, which could feature no more, no less than 12GB RAM.

It sounds unbelievable, but if a recent analyst note to investors is anything to be believed, this is exactly what’s going to happen with at least one version of the Galaxy S10.

The analyst calls this model “Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G,” so it’s presumably the biggest Galaxy S10 version launched next year, referred to here as X, and featuring 5G support.

Galaxy S10 X? Uhm...

While I’m really not sure it’s a good idea for Samsung to call this model “X,” what’s interesting is that both the South Korean firm and rival Huawei plan to m... (read more)

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