Say Goodbye to the Microsoft Teams App on Windows 10 S

Microsoft has recently announced that it’s killing off the Microsoft Store version of Microsoft Teams next month, technically forcing users of Windows 10 S (now officially called Windows 10 in S Mode) to switch to the browser-based version.

The news is surprising, to say the least, especially given Microsoft’s push for Windows 10 S, but in a support document, the company explains that users running this OS version need to migrate to a different client before November 29.

“Effective November 29, 2018, you'll no longer be able to use the Microsoft Teams for Windows 10 S (Preview) app, available from the Microsoft Store. We recommend that you use one of the Teams apps described below in this article after November 29,” the company says.

The Teams apps “described below,” however, include desktop, web, and mobile clients, and out of these three, the only option for Windows 10 .

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