SIGMA Updates Firmware for sd Quattro and sd Quattro H Cameras - Get It Now

Just now, SIGMA has made available two new firmware packages developed for its sd Quattro and sd Quattro H digital cameras, namely versions 1.12 and 1.08, respectively, aimed at shortening the time needed to recognize an SDXC card.

In addition to that, the present update also removes a bug that caused the cameras to freeze after reactivation from LCD Auto Off. This issue was encountered when the Viewfinder Mode or LCD Mode settings were opened from the main menu.

When it comes to installation, save the downloadable .bin file onto a formatted memory card (must be initialized using the camera), insert the memory card into the imaging unit, turn on the sd Quattro, and go to Menu > Setup > Firmware Update.

Afterward, press the Ok button, agree with the upgrade, and wait patiently as the device does its job. During the installation, the camera will reboot once an continue the update process; in case it doesn’t turn back on, press the power button and resume the install... (read more)

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