Snapchat Releases a Windows 10 App (Not the One You Were Hoping For Though)

Snapchat has been one of the most popular apps missing from Windows phones and what’s more, all third-party alternatives got banned pretty fast at the company’s own request.

Things haven’t changed too much after the demise of Windows 10 Mobile, and Snapchat still doesn’t see the Microsoft Store as a priority, though the company can’t ignore the growing user base of Windows as a platform.

So recently Snapchat debuted Snap Camera, a new app for Windows that’s supposed to add support for Lenses for any application using the camera and running on Microsoft’s operating system.

Technically, with Snap Camera you can use Snapchat Lenses regardless of the application, and you can enable it with Skype and Google Hangouts.

While this is quite a neat addition to the Windows app arsenal, it’s important to note that Snapchat hasn’t published Snap Camera on the Microsoft Store, but released it separate on its own website as a Win32 program.

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