Solus Readies KDE Plasma Edition Testing ISO with Latest KDE Plasma 5.14 Desktop

If you've wanted to test drive the upcoming Plasma Edition of the Solus operating system, Joshua Strobl announced today the general availability of a new testing ISO image with latest the KDE Plasma 5.14 desktop environment.

After giving us the feature-rich and luxurious Budgie desktop, as well as dedicated editions with the GNOME and MATE desktop environments, the Solus Project now readies the Solus Plasma Edition, a special edition featuring the latest KDE Plasma desktop environment and related technologies.

An ISO image for the Solus Plasma Edition is now available for public testing, which you can download here, featuring the recently released KDE Plasma 5.14 desktop environment, along with the KDE Applications 18.08.2 and KDE Framework... (read more)

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