watchOS 5 Breaks Down Swimming Tracking on the Apple Watch

The update to watchOS 5 seems to have broken down swimming tracking on several Apple Watch models, with users reporting issues with counting laps and calories.

We can confirm the bug on the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3, as several units have been affected here at Softpedia.

Users discussing the unexpected behavior on Apple’s Communities board indicate the problem may exist on other Apple Watch generations, though the two mentioned above are most often impacted.

For now, it looks like the culprit is none other than the update to watchOS 5 released by Apple in September. After the update, the watch no longer tracks laps and calories accurately, showing insanely low figures for both of them.

“I have an Apple Watch 3, and just updated to WatchOS 5 yesterday. Today during my swim workout, the yardage counting is completely off - I swam 6500 yards, and it shows 100 yards. The calories burned are about 4-50... (read more)

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