Windows 10 Has an Update Problem But Not the One You Think

I think everyone agrees by now that updating Windows 10 isn’t exactly a flawless process, and the release of the October 2018 Update is nothing more than living proof in this regard.

Updates released by Microsoft often fail to install or cause various issues after deployment, so it’s no surprise that some people just want to stay away from patches until they’re sure everything works correctly.

But Windows updates wreaking havoc on users’ computers isn’t necessarily news, and this has been a problem for way too long.

Windows 10, however, has another update problem and it’s related to how long it takes to install some Microsoft updates.

In the last few months, I’ve seen quite a lot of people complaining that installing updates on their Windows 10 devices takes up to several hours, in some cases users explaining that the process may even require one or two days to complete.

This is frustrating, to say the least, and while taking so much to install is often a sign t... (read more)

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