11K Social Security Numbers Not Added by IRS to Identity Theft Protection List

IRS’ Return Integrity and Compliance Services (RICS) organization failed to enroll 11,406 Social Security Numbers associated with 15 data breaches into the Dynamic Selection List (DSL) according to a U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) audit.

The DSL is used by a program designed to protect data breach victims' information from tax-related identity theft incidents and, because the roughly 11K SSNs weren't enrolled, 79 taxpayers were exposed to such events.

Moreover, RICS was able to successfully record around 730 data breaches on the organization's Incident Management Tracker Matrix, but its registration and monitoring procedures failed in the case of 89 data breaches reported to the IRS and experienced by multiple external entities.

"For 70 of these incidents, the RICS analysts did not request the external entity to provide the IRS with a list of stole... (read more)

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