120 Million Facebook Accounts Compromised, Private Messages of 81,000 for Sale

The private messages of 81,000 stolen Facebook accounts are available for sale at a price of 10 cents (8p) per account with FBSaler, the seller of the hijacked data, first promoting the bounty on the underground BlackHatWorld forum.

Besides the private messages from 81K profiles, FBSaler also published the information from another 176,000 accounts, with this extra set of data also containing email addresses and phone numbers.

To make matters worse, FBSaler also told the BBC that they had stolen data from 120 million Facebook accounts in total, although they did not provide any proof of it.

However, as also stated by the BBC, the "BBC Russian Service contacted five Russian Facebook users whose private messages had been uploaded and confirmed the posts were theirs."

Out of all the 120 million profiles hacked by the Russian FBSaler group, 2.7 million are Russians, which means that the vast majority of stolen... (read more)

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