A RAT Just Made It in the Global Threat Index’s Top 10

A remote access Trojan (RAT) named FlawedAmmyy has recently entered the Global Threat Index’s Top 10 after Check Point's researchers discovered multiple campaigns distributing the RAT, with a massive surge during October 2018.

"Dubbed “FlawedAmmyy”, this type of attack allows attackers to remotely control the victim’s machine– gaining full access to the machine’s camera and microphone, collecting screen grabs, stealing credentials and sensitive files, and intrusively monitoring the victims’ actions," according to Check Point.

This is the first time a RAT made it in Check Point's Global Threat Index’s Top 10 although only on the last spot, with cryptomining malware dominating all other threats in the top.

Coinhive still rules the rankings with an iron fist accounting for a global impact of roughly 18%, whil... (read more)

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