Almost 300 Percent Increase in eCommerce Phishing Attacks in Q3 2018

The number of phishing attacks in the online retail sector is on the rise, with scammers increasingly impersonating websites of famous brands and using fake phishing websites to steal data from both retailers and their customers.

After analyzing hundreds of millions of purchases for fraud signs between Q3 2017 and Q3 2018, IntSights Cyber Intelligence' and Riskified's "Retail threat landscape report (October 2018)" joint report concluded that the number of fake retailer websites increased by 297%.

“As eCommerce continues its explosive growth, fraud has followed suit. This makes it very difficult for merchants to distinguish good customers from bad actors,” said Eido Gal, Riskified CEO, in an interview with Enterprise Times.

Moreover, during 2018 Q3 each retail ... (read more)

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