Apple Admits Its T2 Chip Will Block Independent Shops From Fully Repairing Macs

Apple just confirmed Motherboard's report from October that iMac Pros and 2018 MacBook Pros repaired by third-parties will be automatically locked if the proprietary Apple Service Toolkit 2 diagnostics software is not run after replacing critical components.

"Apple confirmed to The Verge that this is the case for repairs involving certain components on newer Macs, like the logic board and Touch ID sensor, which is the first time the company has publicly acknowledged the tool’s use," according to The Verge.

This means that from now on if you own a Mac that comes with a T2 security chip (i.e., 2018 MacBook Pro and iMac Pro), the only you will be able to repair it if a critical component fails is to get it either to one of Apple's official stores or to an Authorized Service Provider.

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